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Here are the questions most often asked about SARA MOON.


Q: What is my Sara Moon print worth?
To see all I can offer by way of assistance on this matter click here

Q: Where can I sell my Sara Moon print?
To see all I can offer by way of assistance on this matter click here

Q: I think I have an original painting - How can I tell?

Is it about 30" x 40" (approx: 75cm x 100cm) in size? Is it on canvas?
If the answer to BOTH questions is YES - Please contact me

If the answer to either of these questions is no, then you do not have
one of the original Red Baron missing painting.

All the original (Bijan) Sara Moon artworks were painted in oil colour washes on stretched canvas over a timber frame. Most of the original Red Baron artworks remain unaccounted for following a fire that closed the business down. However, Jennifer and Catherine were found, which implied others could still be out there - and you may well own one or more of them! But be aware: Red Baron did publish some high quality prints on canvas and therefore close examination will be needed to verify such cases. All orignals will be around 30" x40" in size and will be canvas stretched on a timber frame. You may not see brush strokes in thick oil paint because these images were created using thin oil washes. So, If you think you have a Red Baron original (1976-78) oil painting on canvas, I would be delighted to here from you here, just to know that it is safe!
If you are unsure - but you know that what you have 'appears' to be painted on a 30" x 40" (approx) stretched canvas, then please contact me and I will help you further (at no charge).

Most of the painting created for and distributed as prints by Verkerke and Scandecor (1981 onwards) are still held in store by the artist.
Notable exceptions are: "Catherine (V)" - presented to Verkerke and "Sara" presented to a friend.

Q: I think I have an original print - How can I tell?
All original Sara Moon prints were published and distributed by Red Baron, then later by Verkeke and finally by Verkerke's successors, Scandecor. In all cases the publshers name appears somewhere on that print usually along the bottom edge, but occasionally virtically from the bottom left corner. These prints were created in many different forms from greetings cards to fine art prints and large posters. Some, by Red Baron, were even printed on canvas and look very much like originals at first glance. Mass production of Red Baron prints ceased in the early 1980's and all other such items ceased in the early 1990's.

Q: I think I have a SIGNED print - How can I tell?
All Sara Moon original artworks were signed and therefore this 'signature' appears on all sbsequent prints - this DOES NOT qualify as a print 'signed' by the artist. For a print to qualify as signed it must be personally signed by the artist, which, in the case of all Sara Moon prints would mean TWO signatures would be visible. Bijan (Sara Moon) recently signed his own original archive stock of prints using his own name 'Bijan'. Such prints are incredibly rare and if you have one, its value is bound to increase substancially over the coming years.

Q's: About Cross Stitch Patterns:
Cross Stitch Patterns have been available from Lanarte in various styles continuously to this day.In July, 2013 Artecy Cross Stitch began to produce additional patterns under licence too. No other cross stitch manufacturer has on-going rights to reproduce Sara Moon artwork as cross stitch patterns other than one free print issued by cross-stitching.com in 2011.

Q's: About other original items that have been available:
Many different items were produced using Sara Moon artworks. These included mirrors, jigsaw puzzles, stationary packs, even bed linens and cushion covers. All such items ceased production by the early 1990's.

Q: Can I still buy art by Sara Moon?
Yes, postcards, greetings cards, laminates and other prints as well as t-shirts can be purchased at RedBubble
A selection of Originals Paintings are also available at this Web site here
Rare, original archive prints from Bijan's own stock are avaiable, SIGNED BY THE ARTIST at this Web site here


Q: Is there really an artist called "Sara Moon"?
Yes, the artist who paints as'Sara Moon' is actually an Iranian born, German National male by the name of Bijan Djamalzadeh. Read the story at this Web site, here

Q: Why do I see Bijan's name spelled Bidjan sometimes?
Many, many years ago, when Bijan applied to become a German National, the authorities spelled his name Bidjan on his papers. The name is commonly spelled both ways, like John and Jon. So, although 'officially' he is Bidjan, his preference is his true birth name, Bijan. Some documentation you see dates back before Bijan's preference was known.

Q: Are Sara Moon and Christine Rosamond the same person?
No. The late Christine Rosamond was an excellent artist in her own right and her website can be found here

Q: Do any other artists sign art as "Sara Moon"?
One other artist (Christian) did sign artworks as "Sara Moon" for a while - but not for long. Bijan's first publisher, Red Baron, continued to use the name 'Sara Moon' for a short time after Bijan moved to another publishing house, believeing they owned the 'brand'. The full story is here And all those artworks I am aware of, that were painted by Christian are shown here

Q: Is this the same Sara Moon that is famous for female form photography?
No, that Sarah Moon is spelled with an H. She can be contacted by emailing Renate Gallois Montbrun here


See the Sara Moon Copyright Info page here


See the Sara Moon Copyright Info page here
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