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Buying and Selling Sara Moon Prints

The most common questions I am asked, and my answers:

'How Much is my Sara Moon Print (etc) Worth?'

Value is often increased with rarety, and price is often influenced by desire. So for me, it all comes down to levels of availability and demand. It's the right product, in the right condition, at the right time, in the right arena - be that a local newspaper ad', an auction room, eBay, even a yard sale, etc

Clean, uncreased prints with vibrant colours should have a higher value. If your print appears 'blue' then it has ultra-violet sunlight damage (bleaching) and will be worth less

If your print is on canvas it is much rarer and should be worth more.

NOTE: Any Sara moon artwork on canvas that is around 30" x 40" in size, could be an original and should be professionally assessed before sale.

Beyond the above, the answer to this question is two-fold ...

The 'Commercial Value' and availability of Prints:
The art of Sara Moon was published firstly by Red Baron and later by Verkerke/Scandecor. Red Baron would have classed themselves a commercial fine art print house and Verkerke/Scandecor a 'poster & print' house who specialise in highly commercial, low-cost high-volume imagery with huge distribution.

So many prints remain out there, but few are in good condition - fading by ultra-violet light being common. Some prints were not distributed in the volumes of others and so become rarer still in good condition.

A number of galleries did package Sara Moon art prints in an up-market format, with labels showing reference numbers and the like on the back. If you own such an example, my best advice would be DON'T take it out of its original frame. Works marked this way are relatively rare and with the sustained interest in this artist, such framing can only help its value.That said, and if you do wish to sell, it will probably mean finding a local buyer - glass does not travel well and so the cost of protective board and its added weight for shipping will will either erode any profit or reflect heavily in the asking price. If you can't find a local buyer now and the print does not appeal to you personally, pack it up and hide it away a while, what you'll get for it now will not settle any mortgage and who knows what the future holds.

Finally, a good place to see what prices original Sara Moon prints sell for is on the "Completed Listings" page at eBay. This shows you what price previous items were listed at and have actually sold for (or not) in recent times. To find this, you would enter Sara Moon in the search box and then tick the 'Completed Listings' box.

The 'Aesthetic Value'
(A personal view)
For me, true artistic 'value' can only be judged by what something brings to your innermost senses. Such 'value' has no commercial measure; attempting to attach one is diametrically opposed to the very purpose of any true artworks existence. To the creator of such works the art itself is far more important than any payment received for creating it. And for me as a 'viewer', I can derive as much pleasure from a well taken photograph brought to me free via a magazine in some doctors waiting room, as I could ever get from viewing (or owning - whatever that means) the Monalisa!

LOOK at your Sara Moon. What does it DO for you? If the answer is 'little or nothing' sell it if you can, for what you can get - but know, even if you cannot get a bean for it, that it may well have real 'worth' to some fellow human being - don't destroy it - please find it a worthy home and let it live on.

If the image stirs you, keep it. Such feelings are hard come by.

'My Sara Moon print is signed; does this make it more valuable?'
Yes, of course, but take a close look at the signature with a magnifying glass. If it is made up of tiny dots, then it is the reproduction of the artists signature as it appears on the orginal work. Therefore, technically, your print is NOT signed. You will probably need either a high magnification standard glass for this or a stitch-counter glass as these dots are very tiny - usually 600 of them to the inch. As a rule of thumb, you can be pretty sure that if there is only ONE signature on your print, it is NOT personallly signed by the artist and should not be sold as 'signed'.

So, what Sara Moon artworks HAVE been signed?
There was a limited edition 'dateless calendar' produced in 2005 to celebrate 30 years of Sara Moon. These were signed 'Sara Moon' by the artist as 'x' number of 500. In actual fact, ony 100 of these were ever produced, making this item seriously rare. You may still be able to purchase one of these, here.

Most other genuinely signed prints have been signed in the artists actual name, 'Bijan'. These are also extremely rare. Particularly those vinatage prints released from the artists own archive stock, where they had been safely stored for between 30 and 40 years, and signed during 2009/10. These are available, here.

Where can I Sell my Sara Moon?
The level of interest in Sara Moon works is such that I have never known a moment in years when there have not been Sara Moon works for sale at the various auction Web sites such as eBay. Do check the "View items from International Sellers" section to increase your search - Some are of the view that any item for sales on one ebay site, is automatically for sale on all of them. This is not so as some sellers will only sell and ship to their home country, so there may be works available on your 'local' site, that are not available elsewhere and vice-versa. Go to the various eBay international sites to check out atchieved 'Completed Listing' prices there.

Can You Offer Advice on Prices to Sell at?
I hope you understand that should I offer my opinion on values of individual items and then an item of the same type is found to sell for a higher figure in the near future, I could be considered accountable for offering poor ‘professional advice'. I’m sorry, but I am not prepared to risk that.

Where can I Buy Sara Moon Print(s)?
Please do be wary of cheap home-grown replica prints for sale on various sites; the quality is usually poor and their sale is, in fact, illegal. Suspect listings can be reported be clicking here. Please quote the site and the listing reference number. Such listing can often be permanently removed this way.

There are genuine signed, archive prints available from this Web site, here.

There are genuine ORIGINAL ARTWORKS available on this Web site, here.

Authorised re-prints and calendars etc, are available from RED BUBBLE, here.

Beyond that, the 850 or so members of The Sara Moon Group do swap and trade from time to time. Access is by free membership and contribution to group activity is not compulsory.

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