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Here you’ll find a selection of external links to websites that feature the art of Sara Moon in various forms from a simple gallery among galleries to officially sanctioned print-on-demand outlets providing artworks and other gift merchandise to sites offering cross stitch pattern options. 

At RedBubble you will find over 150 Sara Moon artworks, most available in a wide variety of print sizes and on merchandise and gift items galore from casual clothing and mugs, to shower curtains and coaster!

Deviant Art carries an amazingly diverse collection of art galleries very popular with its following, Sara Moon has a growing selection of artworks on offer at this site.

Fine Art America is a well-established fine arts site with a wonderful selection of artworks on offer. The site leans toward the more classic to modern popular artworks and is a site where the Sara Moon offering is currently on the grow!

(Full disclosure) ‘Sensual Arts’ was the first website the builder of this site ever put together and without it, ‘Sara Moon’ may never have stepped back into the light and this site – and everything it offers – may never have existed. for more on this see the ‘Meeting Sara’ page on on this site.

Artecy carries the widest selection of Sara Moon Cross Stitch Patterns available by a very long way. Better yet, they look forward to a steady increase in their offering over time – definitely a site all cross stitch fans keep an eye on!

Lanarte  has a long history of offering Sara Moon full package cross stitch patterns with a current offer of both ‘Sara’ and ‘Claudia’ -sold under different titles – click the logo above for details.

What a book!

40 full-colour pages bring you a glimpse at creations during the artist’s youth, to iconic pieces sold worldwide, through to artworks created out of the spotlight. 

We have a gallery of the personally signed prints available at eBay for those who may prefer to purchase them through the eBay platform.

Everything available on eBay
is available on this site, here


Over at Facebook you will join well over three-thousand devoted followers of all things ‘Sara Moon’.

Instagram may not be new to you, but is is for us! So we’re working to make our new Instagram gallery a meaningful new platform for Sara Moon.

Pinterest is an incredibly popular website where users develop their own collection of favourite imagery, memes, phrases, sayings and tutorial websites and post them in their own personal gallery. The Sara Moon Gallery carries the widest selection of Sara Moon links available. 


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